As the potential for business operations to be disrupted by COVID-19 (Coronavirus) becomes an increasing reality, all of us at Optistar Technology Consultants want to assure you that we excel in trying times and have all the tools and experienced team to help weather any storm or crisis. While these times might be uncertain our unwavering dedication is not. Our staff and support team will maintain normal operational hours and schedule and you can expect no interruption in our support, project continuation or account management operations.

In response to our clients and business community regarding this national emergency, we have decided to offer courtesy 60-90 minute contingency planning virtual meeting to address any concerns about business continuity, including work-from-home scenarios.

Here is a list of a few of the items that we encourage business leadership to contemplate for your continued operations:

  • Email Distribution Lists: It will be important to make sure that you have a primary distribution list to be able to efficiently and effectively communicate company-wide announcements that need to be distributed. Most companies already have a primary distribution list, but make sure to check that all members are correct and updated.
  • Remote Access to Systems: If you do not have a cloud file server or need access to on-premises applications, make sure you have an appropriate amount of VPN / LogMeIn / Or other Remote Service licenses for the staff that needs access to on-premises services.
  • Phone Systems: To continue business communications, it will be important that everyone needs to know how to forward their office phones to their mobile phones or other alternative phone device. This is usually a very straightforward process. Most phone systems have a voicemail-to-email feature to listen to voicemails via an emailed audio file. However, if your phone system doesn’t have this functionality, make sure staff understands how to remotely retrieve voicemails from your system.
  • On Site Engineers: In the event a support request requires onsite work, we will be sending local On Site Engineers to limit any exposure from travel. Any On Site Engineers will be required to adhere to strict sanitary protocols.
  • Training and Education: Optistar will be extending invitations for anyone company that would like a training webinar on how to remain productive while in a Work From Home Protocol.
  • Supply Chain: As information continues to be disseminated from sources and global supply chains are experiencing interruptions we are anticipating future delays in acquiring business devices such as phones, laptops, desktops, servers, networking equipment and peripherals. If you desire to have stock of any product, it might be beneficial to work with your account manager to order now in the event supply chain delays become a reality.
  • Business Continuity Plans & Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans: As Optistar partners we have these services bundled into our Managed IT Service plans for many of our clients. If you would like to review these, schedule a meeting with your account manager.

Again, we are offering a courtesy 60-90 minute contingency planning meeting to address any and all concerns to all our clients regardless of their service level. Please reach out to your respective Account Manager to schedule the meeting.

We are also offering this service for businesses that are not yet clients, but will be doing so on a limited and first-come-first-serve basis. Please send your inquiries to

Remain safe and productive and please let us know how we can help in any way.