One of our core missions here at Optistar is to protect small and medium enterprises from cybercrime. During this COVID era, there is an onslaught of additional threats running rampant.

Cybercriminals already are using COVID-19-themed scams, such as fraudulent websites offering vaccine kits. In addition, cybercriminals historically have used a variety of social engineering techniques to target government and charitable financial relief efforts in the wake of natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and pandemic illnesses and are currently exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic for financial gain.

Cybercriminals have been targeting individuals waiting for COVID-19 government relief payments with phishing e-mails containing malicious attachments. The e-mails instruct victims to open and complete the attached document to receive compensation for having to stay home due to COVID-19 – and this document includes malware.

Dating back to Hurricane Katrina, cybercriminals have set up illegitimate charitable websites to steal money and personal information from victims. In addition, cybercriminals spoof the websites of legitimate charitable organizations and use e-mails embedded with malicious links and documents to target victims.

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