Insider threats are a top menace to every cybersecurity plan. Even without including malicious insiders in the calculations, it’s nearly impossible to list all the ways that workers can put a business at risk of a cyberattack. But there’s one combination that’s a sure bet to be the biggest insider threat of 2020: Phishing.


Phishing attacks have been on a consistent upward trajectory since the COVID-19 pandemic began. With an over 600% increase in phishing attempts, every business needs to be looking at ways to prevent phishing attacks from landing. Spear phishing is a particular menace, especially for executives and privileged users. Keeping staff up to speed on cybersecurity training can be hard enough when everyone is in the office but adding remote workers to the mix brings new challenges to the table.

Going remote ups the ante on insider threats. Many businesses didn’t have a comprehensive plan to go remote when the global pandemic sent everyone home, which means they definitely didn’t have a plan to continue or update phishing training for their newly remote workforce – and that’s a problem because remote workers are more likely to fall for a phishing attempt, making them significantly larger insider threat risk.


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