If you ask a cybersecurity professional what threat keeps them up at night, the majority of them will tell you it’s ransomware. This increasing threat is taking down organizations of every size every day, and it’s only getting worse. Here are 10 of the most important 2020 ransomware statistics to take into account as you consider how your organization plans to prevent ransomware from taking your data hostage.

  • 65% of ransomware infections are delivered via phishing (idagent.com)
  • A ransomware attack will take place every 11 seconds by 2021 (idagent.com)
  • 85% of ransomware attacks target Windows systems. (safetydetectives.com)
  • The average cost of a ransomware attack in 2019 was $133,000 (varonis.com)
  • 50% of IT professionals don’t believe that their organization is ready to defend against a ransomware attack. (comparitech.com)
  • Hackers attack every 39 seconds or an average of 2,244 times a day (eng.umd.edu)
  • Between January 1st and June 30th, 2020, ID Ransomware received 100,001 submissions relating to attacks that targeted companies and public sector organizations. (securityboulevard.com)
  • 90 % of IT pros had clients that suffered ransomware attacks in the past year (comparitech.com)
  • Ransomware costs will reach $20 billion by 2021 (thesslstore.com)
  • 51% of businesses have been impacted by ransomware in the last year (enterprise.comodo.com)

What can businesses do to avoid a ransomware attack?

One important statistic to note is the first one on the list – 65% of ransomware attacks are delivered via phishing. That’s why phishing is the biggest cybersecurity threat of 2020, making Security Awareness Training a cybersecurity essential.

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