Phishing is today’s biggest threat – over 80% of cyberattacks are phishing-based and it’s the preferred way for cybercriminals to deploy malware like ransomware. With rising mitigation and recovery costs (not to mention rising breach penalties), no company can afford a phishing-related cybersecurity disaster in today’s economy. How can you avoid becoming the catch of the day in the 2020 phishing boom?

Watching out for phishing threats is a lot more difficult than just looking for dodgy email attachments these days – as Twitter found out. Today’s phishing threats include complex social engineering and come in all shapes and sizes, from malicious website links to malignant text messages – and they all pack business email compromise and ransomware danger. Phishing resistance training with Optistar’s Security Awareness Training makes staffers more aware of phishing and more likely to avoid phishing traps.

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