Meet the Team

Let me first introduce you to some of our “core team”.  These are some of the people you will likely be interacting with on a regular basis.  Each with between 12- 26 years experience in the industry, it is also what sets us apart from much of our competition and, consequently, why we have such a high client retention rate.

  • Mark Jordan
    Mark Jordan
  • Brian Rice
    Senior Technology Consultant, New York
    Brian Rice
  • Evan Doss
    Senior Technology Consultant, Columbus
    Evan Doss
  • Jonathan Kosoy
    Director of Global Field Engineering
    Jonathan Kosoy
  • Craig Feroldi
    Service Desk Technician
    Craig Feroldi
  • Rob Gillespie
    Sr. Service Desk Technician
    Rob Gillespie
  • Karol Radzik
    Software Engineer
    Karol Radzik
  • Norby "D"
    Software Engineer and Architect
  • Ruben Montero
    Senior Technology Consultant and Systems Engineer
    Ruben Montero
  • Alex Rosario
    Professional Services Manager
    Alex Rosario
  • Kara Hackney
    Business Administrator
    Kara Hackney
  • Glenn Wilson
    Senior Technology Consultant - Denver
    Glenn Wilson
  • Eileen Doucette
    Service Desk Manager
    Eileen Doucette
  • Michael Cadiz
    Service Desk/NOC Engineer
    Michael Cadiz
  • Curtis Primicia
    Systems Network Engineer
    Michael Cadiz
  • John Ianni
    IT Support Engineer
    John Ianni

Our Humble Beginnings

In 1996, Optistar Technology Consultants was born from a very simple idea.  That even a small business should be able to leverage the technology and consulting expertise that only larger corporations could traditionally afford.  Shortly thereafter, Mark Jordan quit his high paying IT consultancy position at a large company and founded Optistar.

bikeOptistar’s first clients were some small but highly reputable Wall Street Law firms.  Mark would ride his sweet 10 speed Peugeot from his Lower East Side apartment in Manhattan to provide IT consulting, advice and support them.

From there Optistar quickly gained a reputation for its quality and expertise. And so we grew. After increasing our client base in New York City, things started to spread. To Boston, Philly, then to the West in Denver, then in 2007 we made the jump to Europe.

Today, nearly 20 years later, Optistar services clients in the US,  Europe, Mexico and South America.  Quite a change eh? And, that original concept … the idea of providing small businesses with “big business” type quality IT service and technology … well, even global IT enterprises have decided your worth it and are doing the same today. I guess that vision eventually caught on! So, how does Optistar compete today?   It’s simple really.

Small but Big

To provide that unparalleled quality you expect, you need more than a single neighborhood consultant.  You need a team!  You’ve had a glimpse at some of them up above.

The other factor that sets us apart?  We know your name!  Regardless of Optistar’s size and growth, we take a lot of extra time to know your IT needs, your environment and your staff.  We believe this is essential in today’s business climate – from a quality standpoint and a human standpoint.  We have vowed not to make you a faceless name sitting in a database (like some of those larger global IT service providers treat you).  Yes, it adds to our cost of doing business.  But the almighty buck is not everything.