No doubt businesses recognize the urgency of a good backup and disaster recovery plan.  The StarGuard Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Solutions by Optistar Technology Consultants offers one of the most comprehensive BDR solutions on the market today.  Based on 22 years of industry experience we have designed three levels of protection; basic, pro and premium to meet your needs and budget.  We can also tailor a plan that suits your particular needs.

The StarGuard Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution consists of these key features:

  • Fully Managed Server Backups
  • Daily Monitoring and Alerting of Backup Status
  • Automatic Response to Issues
  • Unlimited File/Folder Restores
  • Monthly Test Restores
  • Backup Software Licenses and Renewal Fees Included
  • Continuous protection (15 minutes or on the hour)
  • Automatic Failover on Hot Spare Server Onsite
  • Secure Encrypted Nightly Backups to Offsite Data Center
  • Ability to recover to Virtual Servers in the Cloud
  • Cloud server rental in the event of a catastrophe
  • VPN and or Remote Desktop Access to Your Virtual Servers in the event of Disaster

Recovery Times

If your server(s) ever crash the recovery time objective or time it takes to get your business operational again can be as little as 2 hours depending on the level of protection your business requires.

How Reliable Are Your Backups?

It is alarming how many new clients Optistar takes on that had poorly managed, unreliable backups before we step in.  I’ve stopped being shocked.  If you have any doubt whether your critical business data is being properly protected, call us today at 888-782-7003 for a free evaluation.