Meet the Team

Let me first introduce you to some of our “core team”.  These are some of the people you will likely be interacting with on a regular basis.  Each with between 12- 26 years experience in the industry, it is also what sets us apart from much of our competition and, consequently, why we have such a high client retention rate.

  • Mark Jordan
    Mark Jordan
  • Brian Rice
    Director of Strategy & Alliances
    Brian Rice
  • Norby "D"
    Software Engineer and Architect
  • Alex Rosario
    Head of Operations
    Alex Rosario
  • Evan Doss
    Senior Technology Consultant, Columbus
    Evan Doss
  • Glenn Wilson
    Cloud Systems Specialist - Denver
    Glenn Wilson
  • Ruben Montero
    Senior Technology Consultant and Systems Engineer
    Ruben Montero
  • Jonathan Kosoy
    Director of Global Field Engineering
    Jonathan Kosoy
  • Craig Feroldi
    Service Desk Technician
  • Karol Radzik
    Software Engineer
    Karol Radzik
  • Kara Hackney
    Business Administrator
    Kara Hackney
  • Michael Cadiz
    Service Desk/NOC Engineer
    Michael Cadiz
  • Curtis Primicia
    Systems Network Engineer
    Michael Cadiz
  • John Ianni
    System Administrator
    John Ianni
  • Brian DeBesse
    Service Desk Technician
    Jonathan Kosoy
  • Sean Patterson
    Service Desk Coordinator
  • Randee Churchill
    Project Manager
    Rob Gillespie
  • Mat Martin
    Head of Managed Services
    Mat Martin
  • Christopher Hoffman
    Service Desk Technician
    Christopher Hoffman
  • Richard Curtis-Smith
    Service Desk Technician
    Richard Curtis-Smith
  • Maureen Damery
    Sales Associate
    Maureen Damery
  • Eugene Rankin
    Digital Forensic Consultant
    Eugene Rankin
  • Adam Lorenger
    Account Manager
    Eugene Rankin
  • Dylan Meyers
    Service Desk Technician
    Eugene Rankin