In 1996, Optistar Technology Consultants was born from a very simple idea.  That even a small business should be able to leverage the technology and consulting expertise that only larger corporations could traditionally afford.

Optistar’s first clients were some small but highly reputable Wall Street Law firms.  Mark would ride his sweet 10 speed Peugeot from his Lower East Side apartment in Manhattan to provide them with IT consulting, advice and support.

A few years later, Mark Jordan quit his high paying IT consultancy position at a large company and officially founded Optistar in February 1999.

From there Optistar quickly gained a reputation for its quality and expertise. And so we grew.

After increasing our client base in New York City, things started to spread. To Boston. Philly. Denver. Then in 2007 we made the jump to Europe.

Today, more than 20 years later, Optistar continues to service our clients in the US and Europe with it’s aim:

To help small and medium enterprises succeed and grow by providing the highest caliber consulting and advice, comprehensive cyber security protection, cutting edge IT solutions and an overall 5-star service and support experience.

So, how does Optistar compete today?

Your Virtual CTO

We set a course back in 1996 to provide “big business” consulting to small and medium businesses.  Our emphasis today remains on delivering the highest caliber strategic IT advice possible to our clients.  We ensure this by providing each client we decide to work with a dedicated virtual CTO. The minimum requirements to be a part of our virtual CTO team is 15 years professional experience in the IT industry and at least 10 years designing and architecting IT solutions.

Flexible Business Model

We believe that being flexible in today’s business world is one of the keys for success … yet, one of the more elusive qualities in our business communities today.  We recognize our clients need to be nimble with the ability to adapt to market conditions, competition and a host of other factors.  One example of our own flexibility is Optistar month to month plans that gives our clients the ability to scale up, down or totally re-tailor to meet their needs whenever they need to.

Customized Business Solutions

Doing one thing really well is a great business approach.  We happen to do a few things really well.  In addition to our comprehensive IT and Cyber Security Services, we also have In-House Forensic Specialists, Smart Building Experts and Software Engineers to provide advanced business and automation solutions.

We believe by proving these services to our clients can potentially give them a sharp competitive edge or significant cost savings.